Professional Fine Grade Clay Bar 200g


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  • Professional Fine Grade Clay Bar 200g.
  • The perfect way to remove a range of contaminants from tree sap to bird droppings and metal fallout to salt.
  • Can be used on any surface or glass without the risk of marring.
  • For best results use with our Lööb Clay Lubricant.

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Your vehicles painted surfaces and windows are subjected to a range of contaminants on a daily basis, from tree sap to bird droppings and metal fallout to salt. These types of contaminants cannot be removed from using a normal wash method and require the use of our Professional Fine Grade Clay Bar to lift them from the surface. Once removed your vehicles surface will be clean and smooth ready for correction/protection to be carried out.


Additional information

Weight 0.200 kg
Dimensions 21 × 21 cm
Gloves Required



1. Before claying ensure the vehicle has been washed and dried.
2. Cut/slice the Clay Bar into 3 or 4 equal sized pieces.
3. Take one of the pieces and flatten it so that it fits across 2/3 fingers comfortably and allows for control of the clay.
4. Spray the clay lubricant liberally on a small area to prevent it from drying.
5. Work the clay back and forth in one direction, using light pressure avoid circular motions. As the clay glides over the surface the decontamination of the surface should be felt or even heard.
6. Move onto a new section of paintwork when the worked section feels smooth using the back of your hand.
7. Ensure the clay is folded/kneaded regularly, and ensure the clay is constantly checked for debris which may potentially damage the surface.
8. After the claying process re-wash the vehicle.

*If the clay piece is dropped then dispose of immediately and use
one of the other pieces from step 2 above.


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