Show Stopping Gloss Kit


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  • Show Wax 01 – 100ml
  • Aura Ceramic Quick Detailer – 500ml
  • Immerse Gloss Enhancing Detailer – 500ml
  • Gleam All in one polish – 500ml
  • Dunking Applicator
  • 3 x Work horse microfibre cloths
  • Show stopping jaw dropping gloss with effortless application and removal

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In stock


In stock

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Show Wax 01

Blended using a range of waxes, including Carnauba T1 grade wax, and a range of high level ingredients, this wax is easy on, easy off leaving behind a stunning show ready shine with some great water behaviour too. All delivered with the freshest of lemon scents.

Boxed in our Cure range boxes, with 2 high quality buffing cloths and our Dunking Applicator.

Immerse Gloss Enhancing Detailer

Immerse is our Gloss Enhancing Detailer. Using a special blend of silanes, polymers and silicones, Immerse provides exceptional gloss and shine, combined with great water repellency which is durable, all from a product which is incredibly easy to use, perfect for those show season finishing touches.

Aura Ceramic Quick Detailer

Aura is our new and improved Si02 infused Ceramic Quick Detailer.  This cutting edge formulation offers a truly versatile Quick Detailer which can be used on your vehicles paintwork, metal, glass and even plastics offering off the chart gloss levels, a super slick non-stick surface and 3 months of protection from a simple spray and wipe application.

Aura is the perfect maintenance step for removing dust, watermarks and fingerprints from your vehicles paintwork while leaving superior water repellency and working as a maintenance topper to your existing protection.

Gleam All in one Polish

Gleam is a cutting edge All in one Polish that deep cleans, polishes and protects your paintwork. Its formulation contains mild abrasives to remove oxidation, contamination and light swirls from your vehicles paintwork. It contains a special blend of silicone’s and polymers to Glaze over any defects that may be present and add a super glossy shine. Gleam gently refines your paints surface, correcting and protecting all in one step.

Dunking Applicator

Our super plush Dunking Branded wax/sealant/polish applicator pad is the perfect companion to a range of our products. Ergonomically designed to fit perfectly in your hand making application of our wax/sealant/polish products effortless.

Laser Cut with no edges our applicator ensures a safe and even distribution of product across your paintwork.

Microfibre Work horse cloths

Our ultra soft Premium Edgeless Microfibre Cloths are the perfect choice for removing your polishes, sealants, waxes and for use with our Luxour Leather Care Foam.

Safe to use on all surfaces, they will work without scratching, linting, or streaking.

Due to their superior quality, these microfibre towels can be washed and re-used hundreds of times.

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Weight 2 kg

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